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The world according to TerreGeneration

The three types of environmentalists and their subsets

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We offer impact-focused content and services for a scalable regenerative future. We believe that business through our frameworks positively impacts the environment. A combination of regenerative time; regenerative premiums; and regenerative networks tackles ecological damage and are here to help you claim one, or more of these 3, in your target audience. We aim to create work that is simple, fun and impactful-- the 3 guiding values of our work.

TerreGeneration is founded on the premise that sustainability as a means, will not suffice to achieve sustainability as the ends.. For systemic change, individuals, organisations and governments need to go beyond "low impact" (sustainable) to "positive impact" (regenerative).

A rigorous recruitment process ensures that we have the right team for the job. Learn more about how we recruit teammates.

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Our Origins

In September 2016, a small group of us began with cleaning up one hill, for one specific Indian Gaur, in Kodaikanal. It was just a handful of us for almost 2 years.


In March 2018, we hosted an event that re-framed the usual clean-ups as a celebration, because we believe that environmentalism should be interesting and fun. As soon as it was Simple, Fun and Impactful, many more people and organisations joined us in droves.

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Read The Hindu's story about the first #PloggingParty here.

Since then we have attracted exponentially more volunteers and we've gone on from cleaning up that one space to clean-ups and tree-planting drives in over 200 sites in 10 cities/towns, collaborating with educational institutes, corporates, and local government bodies.


Read Homegrown's story about the scale-up here.

In this process, it became clear that to truly solve the problem at scale we needed to organise ourselves, and make ourselves accountable as a legal entity. In April 2019 we launched TerreGeneration Solutions Private Limited, with the aim of contributing towards the full spectrum response required to address the highly complex waste-and-consumption challenge. We now go beyond running clean-ups to offering services that are simple to communicate, fun to participate in, and impactful in the long run.

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