About Us

We bring everything we have learnt on the ground,

with everyone we collaborated with as volunteers,

to our now-professional offerings as TerreGeneration


Thank you for your interest in our work.

We are a Planet-before-Profit start-up with a focus on offering impactul products and services for a Regenerative future at scale. 

As the director of TerreGeneration Solutions, allow me to give you insight into our origins and purpose going forward.


In September 2016, a small group of us began with cleaning up one hill, for one specific bison, in Kodaikanal. It was just a handful of us for almost 2 years.

In March 2018, we hosted an event that we called the #PloggingParty, which re-framed the usual clean-ups as a celebration, because we believe that environmentalism should be fun. As soon as it was Simple, Fun and Impactful, many more people agreed to join us. 
Read The Hindu's story about the first #PloggingParty here.

Since then we have attracted exponentially more volunteers and we've gone on from cleaning up that one space to over 200 sites in 10 cities/towns with a mix of educational institutes, corporates, and local government bodies.

Read Homegrown's story about the scale-up here.

It became clear that to truly solve the problem at scale we needed to organise ourselves, and make ourselves accountable as a legal entity.

Hence, as of April 2019 we launched TerreGeneration Solutions Private Limited, with the aim of contributing towards the  full spectrum response required to address the highly complex waste-and-consumption challenge. In other words, we now go beyond running just clean-ups to help build products and services that are Simple to communicate, Fun to participate, and Impactful in the long run.

Please watch the animated version of the story on this page.



Jacob Cherian


TerreGeneration Solutions

Our Products

We have designed a series of products that will be launched online in January 2020. We are currently fundraising for the first production run of MyDr0p. See our Shop page to participate. 

MyDr0p is designed to help users eliminate single-use disposables in their daily commute.

Our goal of selling 100,000 units will help eliminate half a billion pieces of disposables from ever being created.​

Merchandise helps us in our journey to crowdfund for the manufacturing of MyDr0p

Our Services

Clean-up and Tree-planting Events

Speaking Engagements

We now continue our clean-ups and tree-planting drives as a professional service, for HR, CSR and marketing engagements. We can bring you an end-to-end solution in this specialized space. Starting from marketing content, to equipment sourcing, to on-ground logistics, event management and continued volunteer engagement. We aim to help participating organisations and citizens start a productive journey towards a positive-impact future in Simple, Fun and Impactful ways.


Want to run a clean up or a tree-planting drive?

Or maybe you are looking for a speaker or a workshop?

Write to us and let us help you, so that you can help us reach our goal of 100,000 environmentalists by December 2023.

Bengaluru, India

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