Hire us to lead Clean Ups and Plantation Drives. We have experience and networks across 10 Indian cities.

We have filled over 250 truckloads of trash, and planted over 1500 trees, along side 40+ partner organisations

and sponsors, with over 5000 volunteers.

Hire us to clean up more sites, plant more trees and help us reach our goal of 100,000 volunteers by December 2023.


Hero Motors
Magic Bus

Hero Motors hired us to run a plogging part with children from Magic Bus Foundation as part of their CSR. Over 3 days, we ran 10 clean ups with 1200 children and volunteers in 10 locations, collecting 50 truckloads of garbage.



Mysore Welfare Trust
Mysore Mayors Office

Mysore Welfare Trust, in conjunction with the Mayors Office hired us to run a large-scale clean up with over 250 volunteers, supporting Mysore's bid to become the cleanest city in India.


Rohan Upavan Builders
Design Barn Studios
Watson's Hospitality

A real estate company (Rohan Builders), a design studio (Design Barn) and a restaurant (Watson's) came together to run a clean up in North Bangalore, with 65+ volunteers, that filled up two tractor trailors with trash, within 2 hours.

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Asian Paints

Asian Paints hired us to lead a Plogging clean up around their office, engaging over 100 employees. Together we covered a 4 kilometer stretch and filled two mini-trucks of trash, stopping along the way to work with some heavy tools for some intense black spots.



Run a clean-up or plantation drive as a CSR activity, for a birthday party or just because you want to create positive impact in your community. From permission from local authorities to PR generated by the event, Terregeneration Solutions can help.

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