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Ananas - On Site Project Manager

Job Title: On Site Project Manager

Company: Ananas

Description: For the job of Senior Outreach Coordinator with the Marine Flagships initiative, the Dakshin Foundation is accepting applications from qualified candidates. While this is a long-term position, we will first offer the selected candidate a six-month contract, which will be renewed based on performance and mutual fit. To execute the following obligations, the position demands an autonomous, active, enterprising, and organised individual.

Responsibilities: Not mentioned


1) Enjoys working outdoors

2) Would like to spend extended periods living on a permaculture project

3) Has experience managing people (preferably, on ground)

4) Can speak English and Kannada/ Tamil/Telugu

5) Can do administrative work

6) Knows how to operate a car or bike (and has a license)

Pay: Not mentioned

Location: Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

Online Links with Info: Write to Ananas at

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