We are asking you for a 30$ pledge for TerreGeneration to start building our dream of a world without single-use disposables.

If you are (understandably) interested only in the product, instead of the whole story, please read only the Blue Text. 


Here we will detail:

Why we are doing this > What is our goal > How we will achieve our goal


Why we do this.

We believe that environmentally-regenerative work can be distributed to everyone, and not be left to solve in the hands of the few. This is reflected in our clean ups, and now in our products.


What is our Goal, and milestones?

December 2025: To launch 3 different products, tackling different areas of the individual's and community's life.

December 2022: To help eliminate 500 million pieces of disposables, by getting a 100,000 MyDr0p kits to a 100,000 people.

By December 2020, we aim to have 15,000 MyDr0p kits in use.

By July 2020, we ailm to have pre-sold 2000 MyDr0p kits. We, and you, are at this phase.


How we will achieve our goal

MyDr0p is the first in a line of products that will be launched by TerreGeneration, to meet Dec 2022 goal of eliminating half a billion disposables.

MyDr0p is designed to help you to never have to use a disposable bottle, cup, cutlery, straw and bag ever again. Watch the video on this page to see how it fits together.


Simply put, MyDr0p takes the Big 5 of single-use disposables and combines it into the size-and-weight of a regular water bottle. It is a whole new product built for the specific purpose of giving 1000s of people a zero-waste starter kit.

The Zero-Waster community already carries such kits, however existing zero-waste kits are inconvenient and bulky. 

We believe that if this kit was a lot easier to carry, a lot more people would participate in the movement. That's why we designed MyDr0p-- to help more people to participate in the zero-waste movement, in the most convenient and fashionable way possible.  


Each unit, when in use, saves 5400 pieces of plastic from ever being created across a 5 year period (at the rate of 3 pieces per day). Therefore our manufacturing goal of 15,000 units in itself will potentially save 81 million pieces of disposables from ever being used. We would love for you to be a part of those first 15,000 people.

Our 3-year goal is to sell a 100,000 units and help half a billion pieces of plastic from ever coming into existence.


How you can help us on this mission:

Phase 1: Crowdfunding from supporters for the larger campaign

Raise $ 60,000, to launch a large crowdfunding campaign (We are here.) 

As a thumbrule, a large crowdfunding campaign needs to alot 10% of its target goal as an expenses-and-marketing budget. Therefore, we are asking 2000 people to pledge 30$ each to help us reach our goal. If we are successful, we will send you the bottle by December 2020.

Click this link to see public records of our work, and know that we will do our best with your pledge.

The funds raised from Phase 1 (current phase) will be used for the marketing and expenses of running the Crowdfunding goal of Phase 2.


In case you are interested, this is the plan for the next phase.

Phase 2: Crowdfunding for the manufacturing

To get MyDr0p to market we need to be able to manufacture 15,000 units of MyDr0p v7 and build a full-fledged company. 

These funds will be used to:

1. Run due diligence on the sourcing of Sustainable and Regenerative materials for manufacturing

2. Product engineering phase

3. Manufacturer vetting

4. Mould costs

5. Product manufacturing

6. Product delivery

7. Marketing costs

8. Admin and travel costs


*A crowdfunding pledge offers the risk of failing with no guarantee for the return of your money. That said, please Click this link to see public records of our work, and know that we will do our best with your pledge.

MyDr0p v7

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  • MyDr0p was created to help users start a simple journey towards a zero-waste future. 

    It combines a high-quality Water Bottle, Cup, Straw, Cutlery and a Bag, into a single piece. This allows users to completely eliminate their dependence on disposable version of these 5 products.

    MyDr0p v7 has been designed on 23-founding principles: including having an identify of its own, being airport security safe, checking off world-class health standards and built to last a minimum of 5 years, by a manufacturing meeting all German and Swedish standards.

    In fact, 5 years of consistent use ensures that your impact on the world is reduced by over 5000 disposable pieces, and helps influence the lives of everyone that sees you using it.

    It is more than just a multi-tool. It is an idea, and a way of life. It makes the inconvenient as convenient as possible. It is anti-Perceived Obsolescence and anti-Planned Obsolescense. In other words, we have no interest in selling you as many of these as possible. We want to sell you just this one unit to last you a minimum of 5 years. 

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