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We take pride in the diligence taken in teammate selection. The ideal teammate displays a combination of professional and personal traits.

Professional traits can be honed and developed, and are usually visible, and illustrated in the framework on display here.


For the work we do, and aim to do, a clear demonstration of intention is the absolute starting point. From there on, Our preferred visible traits are intention > ability > consistency > self-improvement.

We are hiring and are looking for the right fit. Are you interested and like our ethos? Give the Round 1 Application Form a shot.

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Sumedha Kandpal


Sumedha ensures all parts are working together. She is a content creator, with over 9 years of experience in education and designing up-skilling systems, product development and digital media. Starting her career in the field of education after a degree in economics, she believes that education with a holistic perspective is the most dependable tool we have to bring about change. Beyond work, she's a national level Ultimate Frisbee athlete and member of the current executive board of the national association.

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Kaushik Kannan


Kaushik is a visual communicator who loves to express himself through both, still and motion graphics. He graduated from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology with a Master's Degree in Information Arts, to channel raw data through infographics.

His penchant for learning-for-life is clearly visible; he demonstrates analytical skills; and in-turn is a systematic problem-solver.
He is also passionate about the environment, and volunteers with environmental organisations to help preserve our environment and wildlife.


Jacob Cherian


Jacob makes clean-ups, tree-planting drives fun and scalable using content and PR. In 24 months this content strategist rallied over 5000 volunteers to plant over 10,000 trees, and clean up over 50 sites across 10 cities, filling over 250 trucks (approx 375,000 kgs) with misplaced waste. The Hindu newspaper named him as one of India’s 5 eco-activists of 2020, and Verve magazine named him as one of the 6 most influential Indians in the environment & health space in 2018. This TedX speaker is a paragliding club pilot, and is trained to rescue and relocate snakes.


Marilyn Gore


Marilyn has over 15 years of editorial experience with large and small publications, like the Indian Express, Mint, and DNA. She’s authored and edited books across readership segments and also teaches and mentors across disciplines at institutes including the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. When she’s not working, she bakes under the pan-name Cake Ninja and spends time with her dog Hamlet.

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Disha A Ravi


Before the pandemic, Disha was often found at clean-ups, tree-planting drives, and climate strikes. She is one of the founders of Fridays For Future India, and is best known for uniting many 1000s of young people across India to ask the authorities for urgent climate action. Her voluntary work led to the opening of more than 70 local FFF chapters across the subcontinent. Vogue India named her as one of “9 Indian climate warriors paving the path for a more sustainable tomorrow”. She is passionate about ensuring that MAPA (Most Affected People and Areas) voices are represented in climate conversations.


Tiggy Allen


Tiggy Allen handles TerreGeneration Solutions' back-end administration and finance. She is also a professional heritage consultant with the ReReeti Foundation. In her spare time, she writes about Indian history, formerly for Sahapedia, and been published in LiveMint Lounge, SouthAsia Monitor, & on Mainly Museums.

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Shagun Satapathy


Shagun seeks to express herself through colours, painting, and glitter. She also channels her energy into organizing and structuring, be it for everyday tasks, or for more gargantuan goals.  As a 25-year-old development practitioner who is extremely passionate about working for climate justice, she aims to create positive ripples toward ecological restoration and help to give a voice to marginalized communities— particularly women and indigenous people.


Divya Narayanan


Divya has a background in public health and human rights. She has worked on environmental and public health issues at the grassroots level for 9 years and is currently the Campaigns Director at where she manages digital campaigns on air pollution & climate change, gender & sexuality and other social justice issues. This TedX speaker is also a self-described “plant lady” and lives with more than 100 plants and a tree in her Bengaluru apartment.



Krack'n Inc


Krack'n is a force of nature that explores the depths of the creative ocean. Their strength lies in beautifying ideas. Their tentacles reach far and wide into the realms of design, branding, illustration, wall art, sculpture and interiors. They are Agni Janakiram and Gaurav Basu, a creative duo that are passionate about polishing ideas and bringing them ashore to the real world. They live and work in beautiful Bangalore, India. The team designed the brand collaterals for the sustainability music festival, Echoes of the Earth.

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Sharada Seshadri


Sharada is the co-founder and Design Head of Architecture Continuous, which is currently involved in projects across India and abroad-- including residential homes, group housing, hospitality commercial, institutional buildings, interior design projects and product design across India and abroad. The studio is has handled institutional projects of DSCE school and research centre, Hindalco campus in Gujarat and campus of MVM Institute, and Art of Living.


Shaktiraj Jadeja


Shaktiraj Singh Jadeja is cinematographer, director and editor dedicated to capturing stories of all kinds through his unique poetic visual language and song-like edits. He is committed to draw environments and portraits in their most real and authentic form. He is also one of the three core members of Faraway Originals and a founder at Faraway Collective.

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Shalini Agrawal 



Shalini Agrawal has worked as senior research scientist at the World Bank. She has run an independent landscaping consultancy firm since 2016. Her experience includes her work at Design Cell, TerraFirma Landscape and Architects, Dhruva Landscape and Architects, and as a Visiting faculty with UVCE (Bangalore University) for ML Arch students. She has also worked on a 50-acre bio tech park.


Mihikaa Tanya Bhaskar


Mihikaa is a graphic designer and animator with advertising experience. She is also a crochet artist and makes organic and sustainable cotton tops. She gradtuated a Masters of Arts in Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures, in London. She constantly strives to change her lifestyle to better suit the environment. Based out of London, she is a fitness enthusiast, a student of jiu-jitsu, kick-boxing and a climber.

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